The Skybryte Company

Skybryte for over 50 years we have produced our signature products, OSPHO and Rusticide, to help treat and prevent rust. We want your project, whether it is for the marine, auto, factory, or farm industry to last by using OSPHO or Rusticide.

Our Story
Ospho and Rust-i-cide container pictures

The Skybryte Company Manufacturing OSPHO since 1947

We Make Your Paint Jobs Last!

The chemical rust destroyer
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Ospho stops rust and prepares rusted surface for painting


A metal treatment — not a paint. When applied to rusted metal, OSPHO changes rust's chemical makeup stopping the rust. This allows your paint to stick and adhere tighter so that your paint job lasts longer.

The chemical rust destroyer


The original rust remover since 1917, Rusticide has two major uses. Remove rust and prepares surfaces for painting. Wherever there is metal Rusticide can be used and relied upon to remove rust.